Prepaid Funeral Plans

Planning and paying for your funeral in advance
means you can avoid leaving your family with
unnecessary financial and emotional stress.


We provide prepaid funerals, giving people peace of mind in knowing they are paying for their funeral at today’s prices.
Prepaying and planning your funeral also ensures your wishes are considered and put into place, and eliminates stressful financial and emotional decisions your family may need to make at their time of grief.

With Oakdale Funerals, your prepaid funeral monies are invested in your name with Australian Friendly Society Limited who are owned by Bendigo Bank. For more information regarding Australian Friendly Society’s funeral bonds  click here.


As difficult as it can sometimes be, it makes sense to consider your funeral arrangements prior to passing. This helps your family in reducing difficult decisions when you pass away and ensures your important wishes will be carried out.

Prepaid Funerals from australian friendly society for prepaid funerals bondsWhen thinking about your funeral, some considerations will be:

  • Burial or cremation
  • Coffin or casket selection
  • Floral tributes
  • Who you would like to conduct the service and Eulogy
  • Eulogy content
  • Chosen music/poetry/readings
  • Music you might like to be played during the service
  • Chosen photographic presentations
  • What you may wish to be dressed in
  • Any donations to charitable organisations
  • Where and when to hold the funeral
  • People to be contacted

Please contact us if you would like further assistance with pre-arranging your funeral or your loved one's funeral.

Prepaid Funerals


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